Letters to Italy

Ep. 5 - Angelo Greco, Principal Dancer at SF Ballet

June 11, 2021 Angelo Greco, Principal Dancer at SF Ballet Season 1 Episode 5
Letters to Italy
Ep. 5 - Angelo Greco, Principal Dancer at SF Ballet
Show Notes

The fifth episode of "Letters to Italy"  by Sara Marinelli  features Angelo Greco, principal dancer at San Francisco Ballet.

Angelo tells the story of how from the prestigious Opera theater of La Scala in Milano, he relocated to San Francisco in order to perform every night. 

Until everything changed. 

When the world of performing arts came to a standstill because of Covid, the 2020 SF Ballet season was cancelled, and the current one was produced in an empty theater.

Angelo shares how he felt during the months of lockdown, being deprived of the stage, which, as he says, “sets him free."  He also talks about his relationship to dance and art, the power to dream and his yearning to create.

In recalling the hardest moments of the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy, he reflects on his relationship to home and his sense of belonging.


Episode notes

Producer/Editor: Sara Marinelli

Sound design: Sara Marinelli

Intro and outro music: “Hopeful Motivation” - James Yan

Music from the film "Icarus" by Pietro Pinto -  Fabio Vassallo

Website for SF Ballet: www.sfballet.org

Website for Sara Marinelli: www.saramarinelli.com

IG: @saramarinelli1

This series was made possible thanks to the support of COMITES of San Francisco and the Italian Consulate of San Francisco, with funding from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.